Zig Zag Texture Spray

Zig Zag Texture Spray

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A lightly tinted dry texture spray to add grit and volume to any hair colour. 

When you want to add that little extra something-something to your hair, reach for the R+Co ZIG ZAG Root Teasing + Texture Spray. This dry texture spray promises volume, body, texture and grit. It’s also lightly tinted, to help it blend into your hair no matter what colour it is. Ideal for big, glam, night-out hair. Bonus: it’s vegan, cruelty free and made without sulfates or parabens. 

Why will I love the R+Co ZIG ZAG Root Teasing + Texture Spray?

  • Dry texture spray for all hair types
  • Adds volume to fine hair
  • Spray at the roots for body and through the lengths for texture
  • Tinted to blend into all hair colours